About the San Diego Mountain Rescue Team

Established 1967

We are a California nonprofit corporation dedicated to saving lives through search, rescue, and mountain safety education. SDMRT is a member of the Mountain Rescue Association, a North American organization that requires certification and re-certification in search and rescue techniques, protocols, and procedures. We go anywhere we are called. The Team was founded in 1967 and has logged over 1500 missions.

SDMRT members are volunteers that provide their own personal equipment and transportation. The team equipment includes fast packs with medical equipment, technical packs, litters, radios, GPSes, a trailer, and other equipment that must be constantly maintained and upgraded for safety.

SDMRT’s primary service area is San Diego County, but we have been called to assist outside of the county, throughout the state, and beyond. SDMRT also provides educational programs at local schools, scout groups, and various clubs and organizations.

Our team is a close-knit group of men and women dedicated to providing professional search and rescue services in any weather, at any time, and on any terrain. We operate under the direction and control of the agency responsible for search and rescue at the operation site, usually the local county Sheriff’s department, and for that reason, must have members with high dedication and proficiency.


SDMRT 50 Year Anniversary Video

Historical Team Footage